March 27, 2017

!!!Documentary on S-S-Stammering by Ahmedabad SHG!!!

It was the sunny day in Vastrapur lake with the beautiness of plants and trees and people doing morning walk around us.

We were four members (Vipul,Vivek,Harshil,Partik)  who gathered to do work on  communication 
skills.The agenda of meeting took U turn when we saw Ananth student of post graduation from National Institute 
of  Design who reached to us with his cameras and voice recorder to shoot the  documentary on 

It was our first exposure to represent our self in front of Cameras as a stammerer. Ananth and his 
classmate Gautam were well prepared with their questions and we did not hesitated to reply even a single 
question related to our life or of stammering. It was unique for us to speak in front of camera with the free mind . 

March 26, 2017

White Paper on Comm WS

These guidelines are NOT mandatory. These are only Good practices, offered as advise. PWS who are organizing Communication Workshop or such events may adopt or adapt these ideas, based on their requirements and local realities.
1. Number of participants should not be more than 25 (ideally 20). Girls, young and new participant should have preference over old tisa regulars AFAP. In larger groups, new comers and shy people may not get much chance to speak or individual feedback from the facilitator.
2. Facilitators should be a team of two (or three) experienced, well informed pws, who have spent some time on the path of self-help. Focus should be on Learning by doing: Group activities where people learn about themselves and their stammering. Like Role plays, videography, stranger talk, Stammering Interviews etc. rather than “Expert” LECTURES!
3. The facilitators should develop an agenda in advance and think through minutely EVERY activity- and should get it vetted by other experienced facilitators in or outside TISA.
4. The screened and selected participants should be put in an whatsapp or email group at least 6 weeks in advance for getting to know each other and cover as much ground as possible, BEFORE they meet. Many new-comers may need to read some basic documents on Acceptance and other ideas promoted by TISA.
5. For advance preparation- the participants should be asked to put up a text bio and a self-video on TISA blog/ site PLUS therapy history or whatever they have done in the past, to help themselves. (TISA can not help them unless they are willing to open up and go public); a conference call / Skype / Hangout with all the participants 1-2 weeks before Workshop can also be a very useful step. Facilitators get to actually HEAR the participants and accordingly prepare- and decide, who needs more attention/ help.
6. Workshop can be either 1 or 2 or 3 day long- depending on facilitators, venue and other factors. Even in 1 day workshop, outdoor activity should take precedence over indoor discussion. Intellectual discussions never end. What benefits us is confronting our FEARS in real life situations- with help of a group.
7. Social activities - dancing, singing, reciting poems, role plays, mini speeches should be accommodated since pws often have under-developed social skills.
8. A T-shirt with a bold statement about acceptance of stammering should be worn on all the days of the workshop wherever possible. Communication WS is not just about promoting good communication skills - but it is also about EMPOWERING pws.. Putting such a T shirt and going out in public can be a big step in that direction.
9. If all participants can stay close together- to promote feeling of belonging to a community - it will be helpful. But it is OK if some local participants join during the day only.
10. Last activity, should be personal goal planning, which can and should be followed up, by the group, through whatsapp or other means.
11. Atmosphere should be focused but never boring. Serious and joyful. Also, we should maintain atmosphere fair to everyone- women, young, ethnic / linguistic minority etc. Let there be respect for everyone.
12. These workshops should always be self-sustained. Registration fee should take care of almost all the direct expenses. It should not become a financial burden on any one person. Financial details should be shared on the blog/website/ or with National Coordinator.
13. On some evening, on the side lines, try and accommodate and open session for those PWS/ parents of PWS/ just curious people, who come to know about TISA through media coverage and promotions and who have not registered in advance. This can be kept on the final day (only if workshop duration is more than 1 day). If some journalist want to participate in this open session, they too should be welcomed.
14. The facilitators should also engage in follow-up, through emails or whatsapp, answering questions and offering hand-holding post workshop.

15. A brief report, with couple of pictures, on the blog is a good idea – for future reference. The report should describe briefly the activities and also have a crisp analysis OR important lessons learned and training resources used in the workshop.

(Harish and Sachin)

Stammering condition review

Pasting here the same email i sent to Satyendra ji .

I am Sandesh Gawai from Mumbai . I had written a blog on TISA some 9 - 10 years ago . At that time , i did my 1st vipassana course and benefited immensely . I was free of stammering condition for alteast 4 months after I did my first course . But as time passed my inferiority complex again started increasing and I started avoiding people and conditions where I had to speak. And slowly slowly the stammering condition came back . I found that this happened because I did not continue meditation daily . As with any physical exercise , if we stop practicing regularly the benefits which we get begin to dissapear little by little .. I learnt about this simple Logic a little late ... 

So coming back to this month , I started practicing Vipassana again and also attended 2 SHG meeting a few weeks back . I found the SHG meetings​ very fruitful . It taught me to face the truth . And combined with regular meditation and monthly SHG meetings , I am sure to come out completely out of the "habit of feeling guilty" when I stammer. 
. " SHG meeting + daily practice of Vipassana + daily efforts to face the conditions/challenges" is a good way of coming out of inferiority complex and then later out of stammering too . Thats my view .

I want to thank you from all my heart for creating such group where persons who suffer because of stammering condition get so much relief and support to continue facing the challenges of life and enjoy life while being at peace with oneself. 

Thank you Satyendra ji are doing a very meritious work of helping distressed people . Many blessings to you _/\_

March 24, 2017

Bangalore SHG March 19, 2017 meeting report

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We started our meeting with usual introduction round. In this Rohit explained how communication workshop has helped him to devise new strategies towards stammering. Making phone calls to strangers and practicing voluntary stammering in public places. This was followed by extempore round. This is aimed at improving ability to speak spontaneously and places a test on subjective knowledge. Next was self-description round. We need a select a line that describes us and speak over that line. Pramod took “beauty is in simplicity”. Fourth activity was an interesting game. Group members have to select a word which could be anything. Player has to find the word by asking questions to the group. This activity helps in improving our observation skills since you have to read other people thoughts. Organization of meeting was excellent. Time limit for each member was strictly followed. Attendees - Pramod, Rohit, Rajkumar, Anupam, Shobith, Abhinav, Jonali
Written By - Raj Kumar

Stammer Stories: Jaipur Communication Workshop ~ Sunoy Garai

I am a male PWS. I was born in 1996, now 20 years old. My parents originated from Shanti Niketan, West Bengal and are currently living in Gurgaon. Currently I am pursuing hotel management from Instiute of Hotel Management, Pusa, New Delhi.
For the first time in my life I realised that I was a stutterer when in 5th standard my teacher asked to recite a poem from a book. I realised that some words didn’t come out smoothly as they were used to before. The teacher asked me if I was nervous. But frankly, I wasn’t. I just went home and realised how much of an issue this can be.
Years passed and life went on and I just grew up with mild stuttering but was able to participate in an extempore or speech competitions and even won a few of them. After my secondary exams I changed my school. The people were new there and I felt lonely. I was slowly becoming an introvert person as I hesitated to speak to the new faces as I feared that they might judge too quickly. I made a couple of friends but was never the first one to start a conversation.
Two years went quite lonely for me as there was almost no interaction with any of my classmates and I always chose the corner seat where I would not be disturbed. My practical board exams got start and I was preparing for them. Things were going well until the viva. The viva I something like they are throwing stones at you and you have to dodge them. It was tougher for me than any theory exam. The teacher divided the students in groups with each of them having 5 students. When my group’s turn came I was the first one and I knew what I would be going through. The teacher asked all of us to tell the names. I stuttered in my name but somehow got it out. It was my turn and the teacher asked me question. I stuttered horribly and wasn’t even able to complete a whole sentence. The teacher asked me to have a glass of water and come back later. I went outside to drink water and I was thinking that when did I become like this. I was shocked to my core. I came back later and the teacher suggested to the take the viva with only me and not in any group. I agreed. He asked if I was nervous and uncomfortable. I was but I told him I wasn’t. He just told me to relax and answer the questions. Somehow I managed to complete the viva and the teacher wished me to do well in my life and not care about what people say.
After a few months, I moved to college. It was a new chapter of my life and I was afraid that the same would happen in college knowing what happened in school. On the first day itself, I made new friends and I always initiated the conversations. They asked if I had some problem in speaking and I frankly told them that I am a stutterer.
During my second year I noticed a boy was stuttering while ordering something from the canteen. I went upto him and asked if he was also a stutterer. He smiled and said yes. We became buddies after that. One day he said that he found a website which helps people overcome there stutter. We found a contact number from the website and we did not call but messaged, because of obvious reasons and found out that he was the admin of TISA Delhi SHG group. Soon we got the details and attended the first meeting and we were surprised that there were so many people like us. After that we attended some meetings and we felt much better and our morale was quite good.
The college was the best part of my life until the campus placements started. I always kept quiet in Group Discussions and was mostly out of the first round itself. One of my subject teacher told me that I should speak in Group Discussions as the panel won’t know that I stutter until I speak.
He even made me practice to speak in GD’s. Many companies came and I tried hard but couldn’t clear the GD’s. My first break came when Burger King came for placements and I was selected for the Panel Interview. I was nervous but happy. My interview went good and I wasn’t nervous as they already knew that I stuttered. The result came out the next day and I was selected. I couldn’t believe
that I was selected. I informed my parents and they were very happy and proud of me.
My college is about to get over and I have my final exams in May. After that I would be joining Burger King and finally I feel that I have achieved something inspite of the fact that I am a stutterer and it makes me feel very proud.

March 21, 2017

JAIPUR communication workshop_Minutes of meeting

With a hope in my heart and smile on my face, I boarded the train for Jaipur to attend the communication workshop organised by TISA. A fear of the unknown was there too, which just vanished when I saw fellow PWS at the station, all of us moving towards the common journey. The workshop kick-started with a warm welcome by Soumya, Sachin sir and team Jaipur. A quick introduction round, the one we as PWS dread so much, and we came to know the participants. The rules for the workshop were clear and well defined, smile, even during stammering, do not advice others, clap and cheers for the speaker, take care of the time. We practiced bouncing and prolongation, while giving our introduction and again and again, till we stopped fearing speaking out name. Well, that was a relief. We also conducted mock interviews with a list of questions in hand, with our workshop partners and carefully examined the communication pattern of the partner. Then we provided our feedback and then, roles were reversed. A completely fruitful exercise and with the feedback, we came to know our strengths and weaknesses. A delicious lunch and we moved on to our 'Thanks-giving' session. More often,we forget to give thanks and show gratitude to many things that we benefit from, in life, well, this session just made the day. We wrote things we are thankful for, in our lives and we realized many reasons to celebrate life. A quick tea break and we moved on to our outdoor activity. Central park in Jaipur made our evening. With the questionnaire in our hands, we went on to stop strangers and chat with them (politely, of course with Sachin sir acting as mediator, I must say, he knows how to convince someone to stop and chat). Many agreed to discuss with us about stammering, and many politely declined, which we took in a very healthy spirit and moved on. Each member must have talked to 11-12 strangers and all were very excited, which was evident in the later debriefing section, in which everybody shared their experiences of 'stranger talk' activity and were beaming with confidence. This was followed by a lovely dinner. Jaipur greeted us with downpour which cheered our faces. We also listened to some beautiful sufi songs by a Rajasthani crew, which performed just for us. We went on to enjoy our icecream's and bhel's near 'Amar jawan jyoti'. The day ended with some clicks on Jaipur roadside.

Next day kick-started with parantha as a breakfast and tea. Our first session included an inspirational talk with Sachin sir. He also explained about a phenomena called 'valsalva' which was very interesting to know about. We discussed our experiences about the 'stranger talk' and discussed other ways by which we can approach strangers. Dhruv facilitated a session of 'SMART' goal setting, both for individual and respective city SHG's. We discussed and a representative from every city shared their goals for next 6 months or a year, which we will be followed up regularly. An evening tea did its job and we did some role plays. We also did dancing, thanks to Anuprita for the wave step she taught us. We did some other fun filled activities, sher o- shayari in the evening. A mock interbiew session was also conducted for many SSC/CGIL/IAS aspirants.

A good bye underwent and we concluded the workshop with some pictures. These two days made an impression on all of us, which was also a life changing experience. We wish to imply all the techniques we learned and follow all our goals.
As Lao Tzu said, 'The journey of a thousand miles begin with one step''. Keeping this in mind, we took our first step towards self improvement.

March 20, 2017

CHANDIGARH STAMMERERS ----> SHG 2016-17 <-----



I Request New Members of Tricity should join this activities of improving Communication skills and removing the fear of stammering ...

I have upload some pictures that have been continuously captured during SHG ..

Recently we get together on 19 March-17  


From Right NITIN ,ASHMEEET SINGH From Delhi, Sumit, Ravin, Alok, Jassi, 



Jasmeet and akhil 



Video Practising

Learning to prepare for speaking to a large audience and leading a workshop are great ways to gain confidence and develop your ability to Communicate effectively.

I will be back with more pics and stories of Chandigarh SHG... Stay Connected ... 

JASMEET SINGH +91 9988990330

Bangalore SHG Communication Workshop Report

Here is a brief report of Bangalore Communication workshop (4-7 March 2017):

Timeline was an exercise done in pairs and it was about cultivating openness and a deeper understanding of who we are, based on significant past events – and patterns in our lives. It also helps you to decide which way you want to go forward. It also involves counseling skills (=empathetic listening). Most pairs, felt closer afterwards: their earlier friendship took a deeper dimension. Some people also felt lighter. As a follow up, we shared Kristin Chmela’s story, written by herself, documenting her own struggles in early life and insights. Then, Tarak shared his thoughts followed by Animesh’s play – Taramandal; It consisted of 5 short plays, inspired by Satyajit Ray’s stories.

On day two, we moved on to expressive communication: reciting poems and talking to a stranger. Both exercises were video graphed and reviewed. Art of pausing and dealing with secondaries (facial and body symptoms) were discussed and practiced. Both exercises were done in pairs- with a “buddy”.

Third day: In retrospect, it was the best day since we left the “safe” indoors and went out into the real world. In metro, we did some amazing fun activities with immediate benefits! At Cubbon park, we did an opinion poll about 8th March (International Women’s day). After asking all the questions about women’s issues, we asked at the end: Did you notice me stammer? Was that a problem in communication? What can be done? By you and me? Etc.

Most subjects were aware about the women’s day and the issues women face. Young women gave most coherent answers- and were also appreciative of what TISA was doing. Choosing such a social and relevant topic for stranger talk is a GOOD idea. It encourages good discussion.
Finally, back to Montfort center, we did a Road Map exercise, both individually and for Bangalore SHG as a whole.

Three days, Sachin had been pushing others. Day four was a worthy challenge for him. Abhinav and he, drove off to Nandi Hills for a day-outing. Driving a Kinetic Honda scooter on busy highways was a NEW experience for Sachin. Everything went well and they had a very relaxing time at Nandi Hills. Thanks to Abhinav and Pratim!

(I got to meet all old friends: Sudhi, Dinesh, Mohit, Anupam, Naman & Rashmi, Jonali, Mansi, Nishil, Shobhit, Rohit, Hari Krishna, Upasana, Tarunidhar, Reuben, Pramod… Thank you, all of you! Sachin)

March 18, 2017

Jaipur Comm WS

18 March: Day one. We began with 'partner' intro😈. Then,we talked about some house keeping issues 😆 and then sachin😎 reminded everyone of some essential truths: no cure, but mindset cure! YESS mindset cure is the only cure! Anyday, anywhere, anytime - and for free😁 💨🆒
And also the need to practice for a long time, the ideas introduced in the 2 day workshop etc.🛂⏳ Because it is like learning a new language. So, give yourself some time. Dont be in a tearing hurry.

Then, we discussed and practiced in three small groups : Bouncing, Prolongation - and finally voluntary stammering😱. We used various ways to explore these techniques- like using them in one line intro, then in 3_4 line formal intro, then on 3-4 'feared' words, then in an impromptu story telling exercise....😟 🏇

Later, in the evening, we went to central park (beautiful😸) to practice stammering interviews with strangers 😵(we had practiced it in pairs already 👥). This was a challenging exercise for almost all of us 😜. Audience of course was good and cooperative 😏. Some of us jogged along while asking questions 😂 from the fitness freaks, all wired up with headset and other gadget..🎧 - but they were kind enough to say: yes yes , ask anything... 🏃 🏃

Before leaving the park, we had a nice debriefing and a group "high five" - mai Hakla / hakli hu! Wow! 🐙🐲

Next day, we began with Thank you list exercise. Over about 45 Minutes, we all discovered that we had so much to thank! It led to a total reversal of polarity!🌞 Then, in three groups we brain stormed how to sustain this positivity, in the face of daily setbacks..☔

Oh yes, we also did mutual videography, while phoning strangers. Some ambitious participants ordered a new Scorpio, some explored exchange options, some phoned the bereaved families..

Yes, we all had put on our Van Heusen shirt with brightest possible orange fashion statement,  haklao magar pyar se..👕💓👅👄 Some of us even slept in our designer shirt..

We also discussed about valsalva phenomena and discovered that :
when you r in an interview-
u r not in the loo 🚽🚾 -
so why strain? And have pain?
With no gain? 🗿🐝

Then, Dhruv facilitated a session on goal setting, individual as well as for the group. Also, how to hold ourselves accountable to these goals...🔨🔧🙌 🎯

Then, some truly funny role plays,  ðŸ’ 👺 Which I am sure only Pws can conceive and execute!🎭

Anuprita 👸 taught us some graceful dance steps.💃. Mock interviews, self assertion role plays, sher o shayari..👻 Then, we parted as family parts 😩.. Sad but sure that we will meet again. 👼

Soumya's parents came to greet and bless us on the last day!
If you think I have used too many emojis in this post, it is not my fault: this is what happens when you spend 48 hours with young, cool and hep crowd like Sunoy, Akshay and company! 

March 17, 2017

SHG Report 12 March 2017

Despite of it being Holi, PWS showed up in Cubbon Park with full enthusiasm and wisdom a week after the great coomunication workshop.

Secondary Symptoms(SS): We began by an activity based on our secondary symptoms.We were supposed voluntarilyplay around with our secondary symptoms.Some of us were not aware of their SS, they were supposed to make a phone-call to a person with whom they usually stutter.Everyone made a great attempt at discovering their SS while giving their introduction.

Stranger Talk:We divided our into 4 group and went around cubbon park speaking to strangers.we began b asking them about why we celebrate Holi but invariably ended our conversation with brief overview of Stammering and TISA.
Group Discussion: GD was the last activity and we tried voluntary stuttering here. Topic was complicated"Is our society becoming A POST-Truth Society and way forward " Everyone came inteligent points. Quality of the GD was vey good as most of the PWS are well-read and aware.
From Left to right Naman, Anupam, Hari , Mohit , subrat , Rohit , Taruni , Shiva (Photo credits : Shiva.)
 (Report Shared by Anupam Saxena)

March 5, 2017

So guys on 5th March 2k17
It was day out with S-S Stammerers with  sunny weather!!! 

As usual, we all gathered at Vastrapur lake because it's prime location to meet  for everyone.

 Agenda of the day  was created by our Respected co-ordinator of Ahmedabad Shg
Mr. Vipul Ubhadiya

Participants of today meeting were 
Vipul ,Vivek ,Shailesh , Mitesh ,Anil , Maitrey , Parthik, Roshan , Harshil& Ketul. Mithesh specially came from 180km to attend this SHG!!! 

Wow!!! it's was first time we were 10 members who were together  to have fun with  our stammering!!

 So Activities had been started with energizing game. In this Activity we played a ZIP-ZAP-ZOP and ANA-PANNI game which looked to be funny and intersting also which made the opening of Sunday with full cherishment of JOY and Happiness!!                                                                                                                                         
11-12am                                                                                                                                                 Then we did  set up for  "Mock press conference"
 In conference celebrity role was performed by Mr Roshan as a  Mr Raghuram Rajan  , Mr. Pratik as a Virat Kohli and Ketul as our Honorable Prime Minister  Mr Narendra Modi Ji and all other participants were journalist. Journalists were asking frequent questions to celebreties in a sequence manner and  for a while it looked conference was going actually with lot of questions and answers which were getting exchanged from both ends!!!

Then we all  shared about journey of our life with  stammering ,hurdles, etc and boosted ourself that stammering cannot stop us all in manner of  studies,career  and to achieve our goal of life...

We were with full of hunger and need to take delicious food to charge ourself to have more fun with S-S-Stammering 
So it's  been 01::30 pm then we went for lunch at  restaurant!!! 

After lunch the activity which was first time which we involved in  Ahmedabad Shg was Stammering Survey 

We  conducted survey on  
"What's peoples think & react on person who stammer "

So we got official permission by Authority of "Alpha One Mall" to  conduct survey in which we  involved our self with the stammering power!!!

As per survey .
Young  generation  truly believed in the output of workdone 
rather then the  personal weakness  which motivated us to move towards way of Goal rather then being hopeless for stammering.

One  beautiful thought I would like to write

'Your stuttering is something you do, not something that happens to you. It is your behaviour and is extremely modifiable'

Day successfully completed with many more moments that we don't want to forget..

Written by 
Ketul Gandhi


Charity and empathy..

          I had run away from my boarding school thrice- once each during class 6,class 7 and class 12 . Except for the class 6th effort, the other two were successful. During  the class 6th escape , a kind-hearted gentlemen got suspicious about my uniform , and on knowing about my escape plan he dropped  me back to school on his bicycle. My issue was that I was a home-sick child, who stammered , and I missed my family so much. But my father was hell-bent that I should complete my schooling from the army school.
                 This is the story of my second escape during class 7. I planned it on a rainy sunday afternoon along with a close friend. To avoid detection, both of us trekked along the agricultural fields for about 8 kilometers to the nearest state highway. Then we boarded separate buses to reach our respective homes. I reached a railway station at night time to board a train to my home-town. While I was waiting for the midnight train, I came across a family which seemed to be that of labourers.

            Seeing a lonely child at a small railway station at night time , they became concerned and enquired about me. I made up a story that I had come for a picnic along with my friends to the nearby tourist place, but was somehow left back alone while they returned. I was feeling scared, so I sat close to that family on the dimly lit pavement. Having had nothing to eat since last many hours , I was very hungry.  It was dinner-time for the family. Each family member was given some  chapattis and mango pickle. They shared their food with me. I could feel  some dust particles as I was chewing the dry chapatti, but it felt so tasty as I was very hungry. I finally boarded the train to my home-town at midnight. That night, the kind family demonstrated to me the meaning of charity and empathy .

March 2, 2017

"TaraMandal" - A play from Bangalore SHG

Hi All,

Theatre Hat-ke is presenting their play "Taramandal" on 4th March, 2017 at Montfort Spirituality Centre.

Taramandal received the Hindu MetroPlus Playwright Award in 2010. It's written by Neel Chaudhuri.

About Theatre Hat-Ke:

Theatre hat-ke is a group originated within Bangalore SHG and as a result of the acting classes, we have had since January. The first batch of acting classes culminates with this final performance of Taramandal.

February 26, 2017

Ahmedabad self help Group

Shg report

Today'S  report
Date :26/02/2017

So it's Sunday morning!

Weather was cool and sunny🌞✨

So wait with anticipation is liked to be over.

Vastrapur lake was more  beautiful as usual today.
 so  we were 5 members  me, Vipul ,Vivek ,Harshil ​, Anant .

A meeting was Hosted by Harshil Damor he came with some unique agenda which we never had  seen before.

So Harshil did guide us for first activity which was speaking on any Topic  for 5 min  but ..but... with   closed eyes so moral was This activity  speak anything that in your mind without seeing anyone face expression so ya that can be reduce the fear while expressing yourself to anyone.

Then second activity was something like same but with closed eyes as well as Ears so obviously  it's like funny but we did for once

And we appreciate an idea and dream of  Mr Vipul  for opening a school for stammerers.. was really well

In final activity we did individually shared our  a parrelel journey of life  towards joining TISA from a  bad stammerer , we shared our all efforts that we all  did  for manage our  stammering

So A new member Anant showed up with brilliant idea to make documentary  on life of stammerers  so on next SHG meet we will start working on that

 So finally proud to say  Ahmedabad SHG is Ready for Next level

#Blessed to be a stammerer